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After nearly twenty years’ experience, we have assembled an effective suite of the tools to comprehensively develop your business in profound ways. The diversity of our offerings enables each of our customers to not only dream, but achieve.
As business creators, we know many things are required to make a successful product and we are here to help no matter how big or small the task. Join our thousands of satisfied customers and find your ideal packaging solution. 
Nordtek packages quality and savings everyday. 


 All In Packaging

 Quality Discount Packaging

Our signature webshop features over 5000 items and prices to suit any budget. Shop online to save and try our new live chat to solve even your most challenging questions.

Bring the Green Revolution to your products with QDP. We will buy your surplus packaging products or sell you others’ high quality materials. Save money, plus the environment.



Whether you already have preferred graphics for your products or need some design assistance, we can assist you. Our creative consultants have already helped countless customers create the product of their dreams. How can we take you to the next level?

Say what you mean! With the capacity to print on most surfaces, we can help you create the ideal image for your product and give your customers a label to remember.

 Logistics and More


Looking for assistance in getting your supplies from here to there? Bought too much stock you don’t need? We have the tools to help you find the fastest—and cheapest—way to get things done.


Have a question about our Services? Send us a message or give us a call [+44 14 44 390 550] from 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday.


All In Packaging


Diverse Webshop


With over 5000 packaging items available, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you.

Like trying something before you buy? Most products are available for you to examine before you decide to order.

Multilingual support

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With 10+ languages supported, plus a live text chat, someone will always answer and understand your calls at Nordtek.

Join thousands of current Nordtek customers and make ordering packaging the simplest part of your supply chain.


Quality Discount Packaging


Buy Surplus

Help The Earth

Use QDP to purchase brand new, top tier surplus packaging and generate great savings for your business.

Don’t let good packaging go to waste. Help protect the environment by buying or selling surplus materials to reduce unnecessary production.

Sell Surplus


Got products you no longer need and looking for a cost effective way to make space? Sell us or host your surplus packaging on our webshop and get rid of that excess material while recouping some of your past expenses.





Custom Designs

Product molds

Creating packaging designs from scratch is what we do best! Give your packaging an attractive spark with our custom work. Check out some of our customers’ attractive designs.

The options are just about limitless! We can create the package shape that suits you best at a price you’ll love.

360 Photos

Design Ownership

With our amazing 360º Product Photos service, your products will come alive! Customers can rotate and zoom images to view your products like never before. See some examples for yourself.

Whatever your visual goals, we’ll help you make it. If you ever want to make changes in the future, you’ll own all the rights to the design, as well.

Cost Savings


Our Shared Service Center is strategically based in Hungary, so any task you to need us to do will be accompanied by significant savings.

Protect or enhance the charm of your product with metallizing. We have a variety of options to choose from and are sure to find the perfect combination to suit your needs.




Any Surfaces

Unique Labels

Our facility can provide screen printing, hot foil stamping, metallizing, and more for just about any job to satisfy any criteria.

Desperate for your products to pop? Try our specialty labels to give you that special edge, including:
  • Lenticular/3D 
  • Flipping images
  • Animation/Morphing Images
  • Zooming

No Design? No Problem

Ready To Go 

If you have your preferred design already, simply get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to apply it. If you need something from scratch, our dedicated team is ready to work with you to create something that will wow your customers.

Thanks to our expertise and reliable business partners, our projects, parts, and orders permit amazingly rapid turnaround times. Need something in a flash? Give us a call.


Logistics and More


Local Support

Option To Haul

No matter where you are, we have coverage for you. With physical and virtual operations in over fifteen countries in Europe and Asia, we’re likely already right in your neighborhood.

Our shipping capacity of up to twenty-five tons and capacity to utilize land, sea and air transport guarantees speed and reliability.


Contract Filling 

We can handle any and all difficulties with the shipping procedure. Our longterm experience has earned us responsible and effective shipping partners with whom we share with you.

We welcome your contract filling needs in any size batch orders. We can help you fill household products, shampoos, deodorant, perfumes, cosmetics and more.




Interested in any of our services above? Contact us!

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