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Already purchasing your packaging from us? Why not buy it together with the decoration you need?


Choose from:


Digital labels        Direct UV printing    Screen printing        Tampo (pad) printing


Packaging procurement and decoration in one step!

Save time and money by ordering the packaging and decoration all together from one place! Thanks to our pricing system, we can offer the decoration of your chosen packaging for far under market prices.



With the printing methods we offer we can decorate on any surfaces.

Labeling and direct-package printing available for:

·   tubes

·   jars

·   bottles

·   tottles,

·   caps

·   trigger sprayers

·   pumps


Digital printing - Custom labels | With our state-of-the-art Trojan label-printing machine we offer custom sticker and label printing in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Whether you need sheet or roll labels, we are at your service.

Advantages: Labeling is the most common decoration technique for the decoration of cosmetics and household products. With our digital label-printing machines we can produce labels from low quantities at affordable prices.


UV printing (directly on any surface) | Using UV printing we can print on almost any surface. The result is similar to screen printing, but can be more economical when printing lower quantities. This form of digital printing uses ultra-violet light to dry ink as it is printed. As a result, faster production times can be realized.

Advantages: The latest technology, which offers photo-realistic results printed directly on the packagings’ surface. Ideal for small quantities. Bottles (glass or plastic) can be printed on all sides.

Ideal for printing jars and caps.


How does UV printing work on bottles? Watch our new video!


How does UV printing work on jars? Watch our new video!


Screen printing | Screen printing is a technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate. This method works best for simple designs (when 1-2 colours are printed) in very large quantities.

Advantages: Ideal for large volumes. Long lasting.
Disadvantages: The Number of colors is limited. For small quantities, it might not be economical. In this case, we offer direct UV printing.


Tampo (pad) printing | Tampo printing is a process whereby the ink is taken from a metal plate onto a flexible pad and "stamped" onto the surface of the product to be printed. Tampo printing can be used on irregular shapes and surfaces where other methods usually show their limitations.

Advantages: Doesn’t matter if your items are curved or have an uneven, rugged surface -, using this printing method will still achieve a quality print.
Disadvantages: Slightly limited in terms of speed, particularly if you want to apply multiple colors.


Printing technologies Labels UV (direct printing) Screen printing Tampo printing
Quality High High High High
Colors No limit No limit Limited (1-5) Limited (1-5)
Durability Medium High High High
Result Photo-realistic Photo-realistic Limitation of graphic design Limitation of graphic design


How it works? Watch our new video!


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