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Printing Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Printing Services


Ordering process

After finalizing the graphics to be printed, the Customer may start the ordering process towards Nordtek Packaging Ltd. (hereinafter: Supplier). We accept orders only in written form with reference to the number of the quotation received. Once the order has been placed, the Supplier will not be able to accept any further changes or offer any form of refund. Accordingly, review and proofreading problems, such as spelling errors and general content errors, are the sole responsibility of the Customer. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the Supplier shall not assist in these tasks. If you do not have printable graphic material, we undertake to convert it into suitable for printing at a fee. The final graphic design of the printing works will be sent to the Customer by e-mail for approval before the start of production.
In any case, try to send the graphic files as vector pdf, "curved / embedded" fonts, CMYK colors, PC CorelDRAW compatible format. You can find tips on how to make printing files here.
Our quotes are valid for 5 business days after the date.

Production time

In all cases, the production and completion time starts after the following conditions are met:
the final production files approved by the customer have been received, accepted by our printing house, or the printing materials produced by our printer have been accepted in written form by the Customer and sent the order with reference to the number of the quotation received.
the value of the order has arrived in our bank account
Delivery time depends on the mode of delivery (e.g.: airmail, freight, etc.) and delivery address.
In the case of inadequate or delayed delivery of graphic files (e.g.: damaged PDF, non-warped, vector file, etc.) the delivery date will be extended by the Supplier to the extent of the delay. Unilateral delay by the carrier is thereby excluded. In the event of an unreasonably long delay in sending the final graphic files to the Supplier, the Supplier shall be entitled to reject the Order. In this case, the Customer is obliged to reimburse the Supplier for any costs incurred so far in connection with the performance. 
For more information on shipping, please visit https://allinpackaging.hr/shipping.html page. In the case of an expedited delivery request, the costs involved shall be borne by the Customer. The availability of accelerated delivery may also depend on the availability of the carrier. Delivery time is determined at the time of order.


All orders are final. The supplier will not be able to reimburse the costs after the order is finalized. The Supplier recommends that you read this “General Terms and Conditions for Printing Services” carefully before starting a print order. If an order is finalized, no cancellation or refund is possible. The Customer shall notify the Supplier in written form of any quality objection within 48 hours of receipt. In order to investigate the complaint, the Customer is obliged to send the goods received to the Supplier and to provide all information related to the complaint. If the Supplier cannot inspect the defective products, the Supplier will not accept any complaint. Complaints of quality, size, color shall not be accepted by the Supplier in respect of printing work, in particular because the Customer has been approved prior to the commencement of printing production. In the case of offset, flexo and screen printing, in the absence of proof and pantone colors, the Supplier shall not accept any color claim for printing materials. If the Customer wishes to view the product before placing an order, he/she may request a sample for extra cost.

Cancellation policy

Once an order has been processed and manufactured, there is no further option to cancel the order or claim any refund. The Customer shall bear full responsibility for the finalized graphic work.

Design Fees

Our graphic design fees are determined and written on our "Printing Costs" page available on our website. More information about our graphic packages and production costs can be found at the following link: https://allinpackaging.hr/printing-costs.html

Copyright of Images

Images transmitted to the Supplier shall be the sole property of the Customer and shall be treated confidentially by the Supplier. The Customer is fully responsible for the submitted images. Please do not send copyrighted images that are not your property! Supplier undertakes to refrain from any re-use of any image sent to it, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. The images are stored by the Supplier for an indefinite period of time in order to allow the Customer to re-order the materials.


The Supplier shall not examine the content, spelling, aesthetics of the film, disc, PS, PRN, JPG, TIF, PDF, other files provided by the Customer, as well as the integrity of copyrights, publishing and other rights contained therein, etc. so Supplier takes no responsibility for them. The Supplier shall not be liable for the authenticity of the data or information contained in the prints made by the Supplier. The Supplier shall exclude any liability for damages due to damage or fraud caused by the Customer at the expense of someone. By submitting the order, the Customer declares that it has all the rights necessary for the order with respect to the subject matter of the transferred order, thereby relieving the Supplier of any claim brought by a third party for infringement of copyright, privacy or other legal protection.
Important: To regulate any practice not covered by this “General Terms and Conditions for Printing Services”, the GTC policies set forth by Nordtek Packaging Ltd. shall prevail. (Click here for the full GTC.)